Useful tips to boost your wi-fi speed

Due to the Corona outbreak, wi-fi is being used more than ever as people are working from home. But sometimes slow internet speed can get into your nerves while you are trying to have a video call with your colleagues or friends. Obviously, some factors are out of your control, but there are simple things that you can do to improve your wi-fi signal and speed. So, instead of losing your cool, try out these tips.
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Tip #1: Get a high-speed broadband plan

First things first, get in touch with your ISP and get a high-speed plan with sufficient monthly data allotment. If you don’t have the right broadband plan, there’s no way you can peacefully work from home. You should get a plan that gives you average speed of at least 8-10 mbps. You can check out our FTTH plans that give high-speed and uninterrupted connectivity even when there’s no power supply.

Tip #2: Upgrade your router

After fixing up a right data plan, make sure the router you are using has at least two or more antennas. This will result in faster internet speeds and a wider signal spectrum, giving a major boost to your Wi-Fi range and connectivity. More antennas will also improve the connection experience when multiple devices are using the Wi-Fi simultaneously. That’s why more the merrier.

Tip #3: Get the antenna angles right

For your wi-fi to work efficiently, it’s important to keep antennas at correct angle. Wi-fi signals spread in a direction perpendicular to antennas, which means you would have to angle one antenna vertically and the other horizontally to spread signals as broadly as possible in your house.

Tip #4: Keep the router at the centre of your house

Along with the antenna angle, you should also ensure that the router is kept at a central, elevated position in your home - with minimal obstructions nearby. Make sure it’s kept away from electronic devices like microwave, fridge, TV, etc. This would increase signal strength and reach, making sure you get appropriate speeds and reception in all parts of your home. The denser the objects near your router are, the greater the signal loss.

Tip #5: Do a health check of your PC/Laptop

Sometime there’s nothing wrong with the wi-fi but due to the junk file in your system, you may face slow browsing experience. To avoid this, uninstall unused programmes, delete temporary files and stop unnecessary start-ups.

Tip #6: Don’t share your wi-fi password

Unless you are running a café with free wi-fi, do not share your wi-fi password with your neighbours. They may hog your bandwidth and you will experience slow connectivity. So, it’s best not to share your wi-fi password with anyone and even if you do, consider changing it immediately.
Hope these tips will help you improve your wi-fi speed and your experience with it. You can share if you have any other tips to improve wi-fi speed by writing to us at
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