Frequently Asked Questions

What is the User Id?

User Id is the unique identification given to and chosen by the customer that is used at the time of renewal or during technical troubleshooting.

What are tariff plans?

Customers can choose different internet plans on a monthly, quaterly or yearly basis with varying speed and quota to suit his or her own needs.

What is Data Transfer?

The total sum of uploads and downloads by a user account over a given period of time is called Data Transfer.

How long will it take to get a connection?

It normally takes not more than 1 or 2 working days after booking the order.

What if I wish to change my plan after a couple of days?

You can change your plan at the expiry of your existing plan. If you wish to renew your plan before the expiry of your existing plan, your existing plan will be replaced by the new plan. You will be charged for the new plan as per the existing rate structure in your area. No refunds or adjustments will be done in such a case.

If I am not downloading but only browsing or chatting, does it still count for Data Transfer?

Yes. In case of browsing, whenever you visit a website, you are able to see the pages because they are downloaded to your browser. Similarly, when you login to your email account, you send your login name and password to the mail server. This data is conveyed to the server from your browser and so it counts as upload. In case of chatting, the words that you type and SEND form a part of upload and the words that you RECEIVE form a part of download.

What speed is offered by Jetway Broadband for its service?

We offer speeds starting from 512 Kbps up to 25 Mbps. To help you decide the ideal plan based on your usage pattern please check out the various plans we offer. Click here to know more.

How to check Account Detail Information in Syscon?

Please visit the following link to check your Account.

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