About Us


JETWAY BROADBAND INDIA PVT. LTD. is a licensed ISP (Internet Service Provider) by Department of Telecommunication (DOT) as of February 2016 with Maharashtra and Mumbai region and plans to have "A" category license in the near future and spreading business throughout India.
For the past 14 years we are into the internet service business and we have grown year after year having a huge and loyal customer base. We are the cusomters' favorite due to speedy connectivity and reliable customer services.

Latest Updates

Our company has climbed one more step further by achieving and gaining the spot of TIER 2 company throughtout Maharashtra and Mumbai region by the DEPARTMENT OF TELECOM and those days are not far, as we are focusing for achieving the status of TIER 1 company soon and expand throughtout India.

Every single customer is our priority and for their satisfaction we have increased the Customer Care timing from morning 10 a.m to night 9 p.m and very soon we would extend it 24x7. We have also increased the number of customer care calls receiver to cater to more customers simultaneously without delay.

Incoming calls and outgoing calls are recorded for quality purpose and benefit of our customers. We have increased the number of field engineers so that the customers issues are resolved as soon as possible. We are working on a system for the benefit of customers that even if electricity is not present in an area the internet would still be up and running. In order to take the execution to a higher level and implement it would take some time.


We are based on the east lateral side of Ambernath where the ancient famous Shiv Temple of 1060 A.D is located. It all started as a small idea of connecting the people of Ambernath to the outer world by two best friends of college time which resulted in the formation of "Jetway Broadband" in 2002.
Young and dynamic at heart the two friends Yatin and Maclin always believed in customer satisfaction and started Jetway Broadband providing high speed unwavering connectivity and fastest customer service.
During their initial journey they faced innumerous troubles at Ambernath while providing best connectivity at the customers end.

Jetway Broadband was officially declared a Private Limited Company in 2015. We scaled another milestone and happily announced to all our precious customers of having the privilege of being a ISP licensed holder by DOT (Department of Telecommunications) of Maharashtra and Mumbai region in Feb 2016. Mr. Yatin Chavan and Mr. Maclin Shinde became Directors of the Private Limited Company. Yatin and Maclin were very pleased for their customers, as they can now provide the fastest speed of internet as they are dealing directly with the Telecom companies.
Mr. Amit joined in a few years after the commencement of the company. He is another marathon runner in terms of working his way in connecting a number of customers and had his own major contribution in Jetway for a big customer base. Infact Jetway is an organization where people who work is a one big happy family. Yatin and Maclin believe that a company is formed by people on whom we put our trust just like our family and friends!